What we fund

The terms of the Wills require the Fund to be divided into 14 parts in varying proportions across 7 individual Funds. The income is distributed each year as follows:

Fund 1: to "Public Benevolent Asylums or Institutions in the State of Victoria" – three fourteenths (3/14),

Fund 2: to "Public Hospitals in the State of Victoria"- two fourteenths (2/14), 

Fund 3: to "the [Melbourne] Lord Mayor's Charitable Fund" now called "the Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation"- one fourteenth (1/14), 

Fund 4: for "Public Educational Purposes in the Commonwealth of Australia" – two fourteenths (2/14),

Fund 5: for "Religious Purposes in the Commonwealth of Australia" - two fourteenths (2/14), 

Fund 6: to "The [Melbourne] Lord Mayor's Charitable Fund " (now called "The Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation") with power in the Trustees to designate any hospital or charity as the ultimate recipients" – one fourteenth (1/14); and 

Fund 7: for "the Relief of Poverty in Australia, the Australian Red Cross, the Education of children of deceased or incapacitated Sailors, Soldiers or Airmen or for any other charitable purposes not [otherwise] provided for" in any of the previous categories. – three fourteenths (3/14).

The Trustees are precluded from making any grants outside these fields.

Lists of the organisations that have received support in recent years for each of these designated purposes are set out in the list of Annual Grants.

You may read the whole of the relevant terms of each Will that set out the charitable purposes of the Fund in Extracts from the wills.

For more information about distributions within each of the Funds see Current funding policies.