The Salvation Army

Working with those in need

The Collier Charitable fund has been extremely generous in providing much needed funding to The Salvation Army’s mission work for the past 64 years.  Since 1955 the Fund has granted in excess of $4 million dollars.  

These funds have enabled our organisation to alleviate the suffering of people in poverty in communities across Victoria and has been spread over 130 distinct programmes within the state.

We are committed to helping people who don’t have access to a fair and minimum standard of living and lack of opportunity to fully participate in society.  Collier funds have enabled us to meet the initial crisis of people in need – food, clothing, financial assistance, as well as providing holistic services to clients, predominantly through our Doorways framework. These Doorways centres recognise the interconnected nature of poverty and disadvantage, and seek to be able to address the sources of crises wherever possible rather than just attending to the symptoms.

Some key figures from our services over a one month period:

  • Beds provided to over 15,000 people experiencing homelessness
  • Providing over 5000 meals given to the hungry at Hamodava Café in Melbourne CBD
  • Giving 9000 food vouchers out through emergency relief centres
  • Assisting over 250 people find employment

A large number of smaller grants have been made to individual corps (local churches) under Fund 5.  These grants are given for religious purposes and have enabled the enhancement of worship facilities and services.  Smaller church congregations in particular have benefited from these funds.


2022 Grant Applications have now been finalised.

All applicants have been sent a notification by email regarding the outcome of their application. 


Applications for 2023 will open next April - please check this site in March for further information. 


Grant report form (acquittal)

The online grant report form, for both progress and final reports can be found under the GRANTS tab.