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Completing an application

If you have completed an application previously

If an application has been completed previously (whether successful or not) select Next and sign in using the account details for the organisation and continue to the application form. If you have forgotten your password, click the forgotten password link on the sign in page.

Are you a new contact for an organisation that has applied previously?

If you are a new contact for an organisation that has applied previously you will need to create a new contact account. This will give you to access the grant application form as well as your organisation's history with the Collier Charitable Fund.

To create an account select Next (below) and follow the instructions provided to create an account to get started. When prompted starting to typing the organisation's name in the appropriate field - the organisation's should appear, then be select it to link your details to the organisation.  

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If the organisation is new to the Collier Charitable Fund select Next (below) and follow the instructions provided to create an account to get started.

Please read the information below (select the "+"  sign to view) before commencing an application 

Funding Guidelines

Please refer to the Funding Guidelines. This will provide information about each individual focus area.

Number of applications and value of grants

The Fund will accept 1 application per focus area from each organisation.

As a guide to the value of the individual grants that are paid, in 2023 the average grant was $34,000 and the median grant was $29,300.

Sample Application Forms to Download

The layout of the application form - it is divided into five areas:

The following are some general points to note:

  • Details of organisation - this includes information regarding registered status of the organisation.
  • Details of Grant - this includes some demographic information and data to assist in classifying the grant.
  • Purpose of Grant - this section is the descriptive information about the grant and has word limits (the word limits range from 50 to 200 words depending on the question).
  • Budget - provision of all income sources for the initiative and how the income will be expended.
  • Financial Information - the most recent financial information about the organisation is entered in this section. This data can be found in the organisation's audited annual accounts or on the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission (ACNC) website, if the organisation is registered with the ACNC.
  • Agreement/Submit.

 Download a sample application of the 2024 grant application form here.

Download the 2024 grant application preparation tool here.

NAVIGATING THE APPLICATION FORM: Some changes have been made to navigating the application form. You will be prompted to complete the page if you select SAVE & NEXT if all fields with an asteriskhave not been completed. The Grant Purpose section has been spread across 3 pages to reduce the loss of data. In addition, you can skip over these pages without entering any data. You will be prompted to complete the section if you attempt to submit the application before completing this section. The application form can be downloaded by using the button available at various stages of completion, if required. You can exit the application form at any time and return at a later stage but save what you have entered to date before exiting by using the SAVE & NEXT button at the end of the page you are working on.

There is a word version of the application form available for download as well as a form listing just the questions for the Grant Purpose only section.

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Applications for have not yet opened

Applications for 2024 will open on Monday 8 April 2024 and close on Friday 31 May 2024.

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Applications for 2024 will open on Monday 8 April and close on Friday 31 May.



Grant report form (acquittal)

The online grant report form, for both progress and final reports can be found under the GRANTS tab.