Completing a grant report

The online report form provides an opportunity to select either a progress report or a final report. Submit a progress report if the project has not been finalised or a final report when the project has been finalised.

When selected the report form will display the title of the grant and its application identification number. Once submitted the report will include the organisation's name and address and the name and details of the person who submitted the original application.

A sample grant report form is available to download here .

2018 grant applications

If your application was successful, you will be required to provide a report. The report should align with the expected aims and objectives as outlined in your grant application. The online report form has been designed to align with the approved application.  This means that some of the information provided in the application will automatically populate in this form.

If the successful grant application is missing from this list, please contact our office for assistance.

To continue to the report form please select GRANT REPORT FORM from the dropdown menu under the GRANTS tab.

Grants received prior to 1 July 2018

For grants received prior to 1 July 2018 please provide a 1 - 2 page interim or acquittal report (there is no set structure for this report). Please email the report to the Executive Officer at


2021 Grant Applications open on Monday 26 April

Grant report form (acquittal)

The online grant report form, for both progress and final reports can be found under the GRANTS tab.

PLEASE NOTE: Access to submit an online grant (acquittal) report will be available from Monday 26 April 2021